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Services for medicine and biotechnology
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Services Rendered to Conduct Research by PCR and EIA Methods

MBU-Technology LLC has extensive experience in development and manufacturing process management of reagent kits based on immunoenzyme and polymerase chain reaction methods with detection in-real time mode.

The following EIA kits were developed and put in production for 14-year period:  HIV-1, 2-Ag-Ab with sensitivity – 5 pg/ml, the kit for detection of HBsAg with sensitivity – 10 pg/ml, the kit for detection of antibodies against Treponema Pallidum, the kit for detection of antibodies against hepatitis C virus and other items, including PCR kits. Essentially all EIA kits are obtained using own-produced key components such as antibodies, conjugates, stabilized cells, and НАМА reagent.

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