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Services for medicine and biotechnology
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Services Rendered to Conduct Research and Development

The MBU-Technology LLC staff is highly experienced in implementing knowledge-intensive projects and the AR&D findings in the fields of biotechnologies and in vitro diagnostics.

According to the customer tasks, the company’ specialists are able:

  • to conduct genetic research in compliance with individual customer requirements;
  • to develop test kits based on immunochromatography (quick tests), immunofluorescence assay (EIA), and polymerase chain reaction in-real time mode;
  • to design and take co-contractors’ part in developing up-to-date medical equipment (in line with the company’s operations) and carry out laboratory tests;
  • to develop new methods and approaches to in vitro diagnostics.

Our advantages:

Highly qualified specialists having experience in implementing knowledge-intensive projects; high-tech laboratory facilities available to conduct research; feasibility to meet individual customer requirements to R&D; probability of joint preparation of technical specifications for R&D execution; contract price.

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